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Gemeinhardt 33OSBC1 33OSB Advanced Flute with Galway Crusader Headjoint

Regular Price: $4,019.00
On Sale For: $2,595.00
Manufacturer Part #:  33OSBC1
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Sterling silver C1 Galway Crusader headjoint with Sterling Silver Plus enhanced with Platinum lip plate and riser, silver body, B footjoint, and keys, French (open hole) keys, offset G, pointed key arms, under adjusting screws, felt on tails, Lucien deluxe professional pads, supplied in leather case and cover.

The Galway Crusader C1 model headjoint kicks off the Crusader series with a design Gemeinhardt carefully constructed to Sir James Galway's exacting specifications. Through the latest tenchological advancements, Gemeinhardt is able to replicate the headjoint design for each and every headjoint produced. The inconsistencies of the hand making process are taken out of the equation, and the flutists expectations for high quality sound production are guaranteed in every headpiece. Sterling silver headjoint tube, Sterling Silver Plus enhanced with platinum lip plate and riser. The C1 headjoint features a one-piece cast lip plate and riser crafted from Gemeinhardt's proprietary blend of Sterling Silver Plus (a higher percentage than traditional Sterling) and Platinum to offer unparalled evenness, beauty, and power throughout the range of the flute. The C1 headjoint also features a weighted crown assembly for increased resonance.

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Model: 33OSBC1
Manufacturer: Gemeinhardt

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