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rental guarantee 3x

Our Program is Different

(and you'll be glad it is!)

  1. You will never pay for Repair & Replacement Insurance
  2. You will never see your monthly rental rate increase
  3. You will never pay more to own with PM than 'rent-to-own'

How You Save Money

with PM Music Center

Renting - Our fixed monthly rates are nearly half as much as the average 'rent-to-own' program. In a school year, our fixed rates always beat the competition's introductory and regular rates.

Purchasing - Our buyout option applies up to 9 months of rental payments and a 35% discount. But if you rent-to-own, you can expect to pay the full Suggested Retail price, plus monthly insurance, plus sales tax on the full Retail price of the instrument. Our purchase option saves between 25 and 60% compared with 'rent-to-own'.

* The Rental Guarantee x 3 is effective January 1, 2010 and applies to new band contracts

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