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1. Do I need to fill out everything on the contract?

Yes, everything in the top portion of the contract must be filled out by you, including credit card information. You also must sign the contract at the bottom.

2. When does my child get the instrument?

Depending on the school, we will deliver the instrument to the school on the first day of band. If you are at a local school that we do not deliver to, you are welcome to pick up the instrument at the store.

3. Is the instrument covered for theft, fire and damage?

Yes, rental payments must be current, and we do need a police report for theft or fire. We will do all the repairs on the instrument. We cannot cover repairs done by other companies.

4. Is there an additional charge for insurance?

No. There is no additional charge for this service.

5. Do I have to pay the rental fees now?

No, however, we cannot reserve an instrument for your child until full payment is received. We like to get everyone to start on the first day of band, so the sooner you call us (at least 2 working days before the first day of band) to let us know, the better the chances are to get the instrument there with all the other students.

6. Can I bring the money on the first day of band?

Unfortunately, teachers are not involved in the collection of rental fees.

7. What if my child wants to quit band before the 3 months are over?

You can return the instrument at any time, however the first 3 months are NONREFUNDABLE. Please contact us directly about the return. If your student attends a school we deliver to, we can make arrangements to pick-up the instrument. You may use the Return Form to provide additional information. Suggestion: You might want to see if they would be interested in switching to a different instrument.

8. What happens if the instrument needs repairs?

We will do all the repairs to the rental instrument. Please contact us directly about the repair, complete the Repair Ticket, and include it in the case with the instrument. We see many band directors each week. You can give the instrument to the band director and we will get it from him/her and provide a loaner if needed. We will then return the instrument to the band director the following week.

9. Does any of the rental money go towards the purchase of an instrument?

Yes, the first 9 months' rental fees go toward the purchase of an instrument. You can continue to rent after the 9 month period without buying a new instrument, however no further rental will apply toward the instrument purchase. You will retain the equity that has been already paid.

10. Do we buy the instrument my child is using?

If you are renting a USED instrument, you will receive a brand new instrument when you decide to purchase an instrument. If you are renting a NEW instrument, you will purchase that instrument.

11. Can we change instruments during the year?

Yes, as long as you check with your band teacher first. We can apply any equity you have on the one instrument and apply it to the instrument you are switching to. Different purchase and rental prices will be changed accordingly.

12. How do we return the instrument?

Please call us to inform us that you'll be returning the instrument, complete the Return Form, and include the form in the instrument case. If school is in session, you can return it to the band director. If you prefer or it's during the summer, we can send a UPS return label at no additional cost to you. Of course, you can always choose to return the instrument to our store.

13. Do we return the instrument for the summer?

Not if you want to continue in band the next year. If you return the instrument, all the equity that has accrued will be lost. There is usually some kind of summer program offered or private lessons are always available. If you do not want to continue band after summer, then yes, return the instrument to the band director before school lets out or call us for a UPS pick up. Rent is charged as long as you have the instrument, whether you use it or not.

14. Do we have to pay the total buy out price in full after the 9 months?

No, you can continue renting at the same rental price, however there is no further rental money going toward the purchase price after that time. In order to get a new instrument, the full buy out payment must be received. However, you may qualify for one of our financing plans.

15. How do we switch the instruments after we decide to buy out a new one?

Call our office to confirm the buy out amount and delivery options. Usually it can be done through the band director.

16. We're going to price around!

That is just fine. Make sure the insurance is FREE and not just added into the price. Check out the purchase option and the price of that instrument at the time of buy out. Check to see if you will be buying the instrument you will be using or if you will receive a brand new instrument at the time of the buy out. If you choose to rent through us, please let us know at least 2 days before the first day of band so we can get the instrument prepared for delivery for your child.