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How to Measure Your Student For a Violin or Viola

  1. Follow the recommendation of your student's orchestra director or private teacher <OR>
  2. Use a tape measure or yardstick and follow the directions below:
    • Have your student stand straight-up with their left arm extended to the side at shoulder height (see picture below)
    • Your student's left arm should be fully extended without any bend
    • Gently place a tape measure or yardstick to the side of the student's neck
    • Measure to the middle of the student's palm (on their left hand)
    • Use the chart below to rent the appropriate sized instrument for your student
FromUp ToViolinViolaPM Music
14"15 1/4"1/16 (sixteenth) size-Sorry, we do not offer
15 1/4"16 3/4"1/10 (tenth) size-Sorry, we do not offer
16 3/4"18 1/2"1/8 (eighth) size-Sorry, we do not offer
18 1/2"20 3/8"1/4 (quarter) size11" (petite) sizeAvailable for rent
20 3/8"22 1/4"1/2 (half) size12" (minor) sizeAvailable for rent
22 1/4"23 5/8"3/4 (three-quarter) size13" (junior) sizeAvailable for rent
23 5/8"or more4/4 (full) size14" (intermediate) sizeAvailable for rent
24 3/4"or more-15", 15 1/2", 16", 16 1/2" (full) sizeAvailable for rent


  • As your student grows they will need larger instruments, until they reach a full-sized instrument
  • When renting from PM Music Center all instrument exchanges are free of charge
  • We do not recommend purchasing an instrument until your student is ready for a full-sized instrument