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Ultrasonic Cleaner Added to PM Music Repair Shop

Ultrasonic Cleaner

PM Music Center is proud to utlize an ultrasonic cleaner in its onsite repair shop. The most technologically advanced cleaner of its kind joined a staff of highly skilled, NAPBIRT Certified (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians) repair technicians.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses Simultaneous Multi Frequency sound waves to "blast" the dirt and grime from every part of the instrument. The machine has a variable heat control and an adjustable power intensity control that takes care of even the most difficult and dirtiest of instruments.

The use of ultrasonic sound waves is also a more eco-friendly alternative to the harsh chemicals and compounds traditionally used in the manufacture and repair of band instruments. Only a mild cleaning agent is needed when used in tandem with the ultrasonic sound waves. An instrument is cleaned inside and out, in places that even the best repair techs find difficult or nearly impossible to clean.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

The 90-gallon ultrasonic cleaner is large enough to immerse and clean a tuba or several smaller instruments simultaneously. Repair technicians completely disassemble and prep the instrument before immersion. After an ultrasonic cleaning of the instrument and appropriate parts or components, the repair tech rinses the instrument before re-assembling and play-testing.

All non-wooden rental instruments are ultrasonically cleaned upon return. The combination of the powerful and heated sound waves with a mild detergent no harsher than vinegar safely and completely cleans a used rental instrument.

PM Music Center welcomes you to bring your instrument in for repair or cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is a standard component of all brass instrument flushes. Plastic and metal woodwinds are cleaned ultrasonically as part of full-service cleanings.

DISCLAIMER: Our Ultrasonic machine is state-of-the-art and the most efficient manner of cleaning brasswind instruments. However, due to the nature of finishes interacting with mild agents and general wear & tear, while rare, it is possible for there to be minor lacquer and plating removal (with no warning) upon completion. PM is not held responsible if it occurs.

For more information contact our repair staff at 630-978-9927 or by email at

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