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Let Us Take Care Of Your Instrument

We, at PM Music Center, understand that is is important to keep your brass and woodwind instruments in good playing condition.  Natural wear and tear and unexpected accidents can happen, so let us help you eliminate the worry.  Instrument warranties from PM Music Center can also do away with estimates for your repair which reduces the time it takes to get the job done right.  Most common maintenance/repairs are included, as well as one cleaning per year. 

If you are interested in our annual repair warranty coverage for your brass or woodwind instrument, please call/text 630-978-9927 or click here to contact us today.

Below is some basic information on our warranty program:

What's Included?

- Replacement of any necessary felts, key corks, or springs

- All reachable dents without disassembly of instrument

- All aspects of regulation

- One full ultrasonic cleaning at no additional charge (brass only)

- One economy cleaning at no additional charge (woodwind only)

- No limit to the number of repairs done


Brass Instrument Pricing

$120 - Lacquer:  Student-level Trumpet, Cornet, or Tenor Trombone

$150 - Lacquer:  Intermediate/Professional Trumpet, F-Attachment/Bass/Valve Trombone, 3-Valve Baritone/Euphonium, Marching Baritone, Flugelhorn, or Single French Horn 

$150 - Silver:  Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone

$160 - Lacquer:  Double French Horn, Mellophone, 4-Valve Baritone, Sousaphone, or Tuba   

$160 - Silver:  Intermediate Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Single French Horn, Trombone/Bass/Valve, 3-Valve Baritone/Euphonium, or Marching Baritone

$190 - Silver:  Double/Marching French Horn, 4-Valve Baritone/Euphonium, Mellophone, Tuba/Fractional/Full, or Sousaphone

What's Not Included?

- Case repairs

- Cost of replacement parts lost or damaged beyond repair

- Instrument modification

- Dents in hard-to-reach places

- Complete re-pads and complete re-springing

- Bent bodies, wood cracks, tenon replacement, and post ripped from body


Woodwind Instrument Pricing

$120 - Closed-hole Flute or Plastic Clarinet

$150 - Open-hole Flute. Piccolo, Oboe, or Wood Clarinet

$190 - Alto/Tenor/Soprano Saxophone, or Alto/Bass Clarinets

$215 - Baritone Saxophone or Bassoon

*All rates and coverage are annual.
** Any work done outside of PM Music Center may void warranty. Subject to approval.

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