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Maple Leaf MLS500C4/4 Chaconne 4/4 Cello

Regular Price: $3,099.00
On Sale For: $2,499.99
Manufacturer Part #:  MLS500C4/4
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Inspired by the Italian classics, the Chaconne is marked by its fine attention to detail and its well balanced tonal qualities. This model is one of Maple Leaf Strings's best selling models. Designed with a progressing student in mind, the Chaconne is capable of easily responding to the more advanced play techniques that will be required from it. Throughout the entire delicate hand-crafted process, design decisions were carefully balanced to ensure that attention was focused in places that have the greatest impact on playability and tonal quality.

*All of our new orchestra instruments will come with PM Music's one year warranty.
*All orchestra instruments will get inspected by our luthier before it gets shipped.
*Financing options available. We can get you playing while you are paying.

Model: MLS500C4/4
Manufacturer: Maple Leaf

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