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Tonal Innov. EFLIPT eFlip 2.0 Model T Phone Mount Lyre

Price: $32.99
Manufacturer Part #:  EFLIPT

The eFlip Model T lyre is designed for trumpets and trombones and attaches directly to your instrument's bell.

eFlip allows musicians to interact with their smart devices - phones and small tablets - in a way that has not been available to them before. With eFlip, musicians have the ability to mount their phones and tables to their instrument, opening up a new world of possibilities for the musician and the director. The device features an adjustable clamp that fits phones and tablets between 2.25" (57 mm) and 5" (127 mm) tall and attaches to the instrument, allowing the musician to use various apps to enhance their rehearsal.

Manufacturer: Tonal Innov.

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