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Conn-Selmer 8D Professional Double French Horn

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Manufacturer Part #:  8D
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Newly Revised!!!

The R&D team at the factory in Eastlake, Ohio, has gone over prized historical instruments from mouthpiece receiver to bell bead with state-of-the-art compositional analysis, ultrasonic thickness gauges, and 3D scanners to recapture the magic of the horns produced in Elkhart, Indiana.

The result of this exhaustive research is an 8D for the 21st century with refined dimensions, overhauled manufacturing, and stabilized acoustics. A CNC-machined mouthpiece receiver ensures the same mouthpipe venturi and fit on every horn, while a standard mouthpipe water key and adjustable finger hook makes performance easier and more comfortable.

With its distinctive tone quality and a broad acoustic profile, the warm sound of the 8D attracts horn players worldwide. The large bell throat helps keep the sound from spreading and getting too overblown in loud passages and the all nickel silver construction gives clarity to the sound. The 8D excels in the recording studio, where its fully formed sound is picked up authentically by microphones at any distance.

Whether you are recording the latest Hollywood blockbuster, practicing in your home studio, or on stage in a famous concert hall or your local high school, the classic sound of the 8D is back, ready for the 21st century.

Conn "CONNstellation" - Key of F/Bb, .468" bore, 12.25" large throat standard bell, all nickel, tapered rotors and bearings, fully mechanical change valve, adjustable levers, clear lacquer.

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Model: 8D
Manufacturer: Conn-Selmer

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