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Yamaha YTR-8335LAIIS Custom LA Trumpet - Silver

Regular Price: $4,845.00
On Sale For: $3,191.99
Manufacturer Part #:  YTR-8335LAIIS

Sought after in the screen music, big band, orchestral, and other fields, Wayne Bergeron demands extraordinary flexibility and versatility from his instruments. To meet that demand, Mr. Bergeron's custom model YTR-8335LAS has been thoroughly reexamined and updated.

The valve casing is the vital “heart” of any trumpet, and in the YTR-8335LAIIS it has been revised with heavy phosphor bronze bottom caps for the first time in the Yamaha trumpet lineup. The results include brilliant high notes, accurate pitch, and rich harmonics that raise custom trumpet performance to soaring new heights.
Other notable features of this unique cross between the Xeno and Custom lines include a revised two-piece valve casing, Xeno water keys, a French bead style bell rim, and a one-piece side seam bell.

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Model: YTR-8335LAIIS
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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